sonic-fiction: mappa

Adam Radź

Gościnny miks słowackiego labelu mappa editions prowadzonego przez Jakuba Juhása.

‘I did this mix in a fragile mental state. My life is turned upside down and on top of that I am stuck on „minute by minute news” from Ukraine. I’m thinking about what’s the point of running a label in these days. I don’t find many answers, but in the same time label is my passion, my pleasure and most importantly my connection to the world. Physically I am trapped in the mountains in the middle of Slovakia, but mentally I can fly around various fictional maps and connect with beautiful people, but also animals, other living organisms and various inanimate objects. I survive day to day by working with different artists, sounds and the whole experimental music community. Mappa is like little cozy cottage with a leaky chimney and one frozen window, but very well connected to all the fantasy countries. By the way, I just bought a futon to my little cozy cottage.

In the mix you’ll find tracks that are yet to be released and also a selection of what you’ll find in the mappa catalogue today. It’s the essence of what I consider a non-anthropocentric sound. Many levels from microscopic sound structures to heartbreaking human stories. The mix takes you through shimmering mythical landscapes, invisible protoplasms, the ghost streets of Khartum and Newfoundout, the Slovakian gypsy settlement of Lomnička, the Ukrainian countryside, Californian beaches and Monterey Bay, dreamy visions of Baldruin, Australia’s uncharted fauna, and the storm around Dalmarnock.

Enjoy. ‘

  • Grykë Pyje - New Dawn - Return (mappa, to be released)
  • Atte Elias Kantonen - Had A Thought Once (mappa, to be released)
  • Infant - claspt halve (mappa 2021)
  • Nick Storring - Khartum (mappa, 2021)
  • Symposium Musicum - Adapting (mappa, to be released)
  • Olli Aarni - Pihapuu (mappa, 2020)
  • Lucia Nimcová & Sholto Dobie - Sing for myself (mappa, 2021)
  • Cheryl E. Leonard - Eremozoic (mappa, 2021)
  • Manja Ristić - Kitovi (mappa, to be released)
  • Andrew Oda - Sotto / Spirit (mappa, 2020)
  • Baldruin - Stille Nacht (mappa, to be released)
  • Baldruin - Glück im Traum (mappa, to be released)
  • Nick Storring - Newfoundout (mappa, 2021)
  • Atte Elias Kantonen - Sheet Musick (mappa, to be released)
  • Felicity Mangan - Double-headed emu (mappa, 2020)
  • Cucina Povera - Naapurista kuuluu lattian natinaa (mappa, 2021)
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