KISS MY TRES: #14 / Sava loves you

Sasha Senkin / nuarrrrrrrr

What a handsome guy we have today<3<3<3 Meet Sava!
Saveli, based between Warsaw and Berlin, plays under the moniker of his short name, Sava. Blending the influences of 90's dance, techno, and house, Sava's sets are playful, melancholic, propulsive, and gay. He worked at clubs and festivals across Europe, such as ∄ in Kyiv and Fusion in Germany, as a light designer, where he got the inspiration to start his journey as a DJ. Sava has played at the queer party Somasutra and various bars in Berlin and Warsaw. Regardless of the format, Sava's unique traits are his genre mix, vocals, and an infectious sense of joy and freedom.
And don't forget, Sava loves you<3

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