Oramics: MA’AM


Podcast No. 186 by MA’AM for @oramicspl platform

Anna Makay first debuted with her joint project with Márton Csernovszky called ooo & MA’AM, which has become an integral part of the Hungarian experimental scene. Her specific singing is simultaneously connected to ritual forms and contemporary trends and draws from a variety of electronic genres (even dance music). She also works with AIWA on the MA’IWA project, Her latest album was released by the Portuguese label ZABRA on vinyl and also digital format, but also released albums since 2018.
Matilda’s video seeks a visual response to Anna Makay’s (MA’AM) music – which explores the combination of globalized, almost commodified variants of sexual identity and the possibilities of personal desires born within the individual – through representations of LGBTQ+ bodies. In the video, the creators intentionally work with the feminine male body, not only as a conscious counter to the heteronormative mainstream politics of Hungary, but also as a means to reach a local audience of LGBTQ+ communities.

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