The Unspeakable Joy: #1: Origin

This show is built around a concept for a moment when language fails to communicate a feeling of joy one experiences. Throughout the time, I have gathered a whole spectrum of grooves and rhythms, which cultivate lightness of being and ignite the Unspeakable Joy within me. The selection goes from Bossa Nova, Boogie and Acid Jazz to Italo Disco, 90s Chicago and NYC House. Occasionally, you will hear my voice, which some people say has meditative properties, briefly touching on the stories of the artists included in my mix.
  • Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band - Sunshower
  • Zuco 103 - Treasure
  • Anoraak, Sarah Maison - Gang
  • Paul Older - Confusione (Paul Older Rework)
  • Suzy Q - Get On Up And Do It Again
  • Mim Suleiman - Oya Oya Oya
  • Lovebirds - National
  • Qubiko - Disco Connection
  • Kim English, Maurice Joshua - Unspeakable Joy (Maurice Joshua Original Mix)
  • Fancy - Play Me The Bolero (Dub Version)
  • Mike Mareen - Dancing In The Dark (Galactica Remix)
  • Deep Dish With Everything But The Girl – The Future Of The Future (Stay Gold)
  • Liam Doc - K.Y.A.I.C.P. (Original Mix)
  • BPlan - Sesso Spaghetti (BPlan Rework)
  • Iz & Diz - Down 4 U (Original Mix)
  • Junior Jack - Stupidisco (Extended Original mix)
  • Caribou - Ravi
  • COMPUTER DATA - Departure
  • Kerri Chandler - Where is Love
  • Curtis & Moore - Never Stop (The Dub)
  • Doug Willis - Risky Biznizz
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