COŚ SIĘ DZIEJE ??!: Touched Music / PROJECT OO #3


We expected Oona to be born with only a small disability you may have heard of – ‘club foot’ requiring a simple operation. It was, unfortunately, only the tip of the iceberg as much more serious conditions arose, which resulted in life-saving emergency operations and a small lifetime
of specialist physio – and many more operations on hips, jaws and feet.
Who would have thought 90’s ravers 808 State, Plaid and The Future Sound of London would come to the rescue? Well they have! And there’s nearly SIXTY others who also have, with incredible label TOUCHED MUSIC remixing OONA’S LIFE!

Radio Kapitał presents the OONA project day by day. Today part 3 CD 3

  • Karsten Pflum - Defenders of Golden Dale
  • Min-Y-Llan - Crash Over Me (Plaid Remix)
  • Inkipak - Stiletto
  • Paul Blackford - Exolon
  • epistomeZero - Fish in Reverse
  • Promising/Youngster - Wonky
  • Darren McClure - Ganbatte Oona Chan
  • The Green Kingdom - Next Steps
  • Kim Cosmik - Serenity
  • Dokun - Vowelsyn
  • Mathmatrix - Sunstance
  • The Mental Attack - Un Deux Trois un Jeu Pour Oona
  • WRNR - Early Light
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