Czarcia Zapadka: #10

Hubert Kostkiewicz

An selection of music from different parts of the world. Playlist created on the basis of associations and experiences: things heard during concert tours, individual journeys, friendly recommendations or selective search on your own.

Hubert Kostkiewicz – guitarist of KURWS band, with whom he played several hundred concerts and released three albums so far. Apart from the band, he gives vent to his fascination with abstract forms: concrete, electroacoustic and improvised music. He is looking for interesting articulations, which result from manual limitations, performance or recording imperfections. He usually makes his search with an electric guitar, but he also uses acoustic instruments, processed field recordings and/or dub mix.

SC profile:

  • 1. J.j. Fad - Supersonic (Flim Flam remix)
  • 2. Shit & Shine - Cream Tea
  • 3. Factory Floor - Relay
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