EASTERNDAZE 2022: Cashmere Radio


The Goat Chorus Remix by Cashmere Radio. Initiated in the time of the pandemic as a cashmere take on the traditional German ‘Rundfunkchor’ – the goat chorus started its sonic life in the echo chambers, feedbacks of zoom and the walls of each participant’s living room. This autumn we met in a series of four workshops in person to resonate and sound our voices together.

The goat chorus explores the idea of a ‘choir’ not just as a space to use our voices, but also a structure to practice listening together, and engage in listening as both a political and demographic practice which can benefit every area of our lives and communities. It also offers an approach to the voice which treats it just as any other part of the body, a muscle and tool which anyone can learn to use  functionally and healthily (regardless of musical and/or vocal ability) to communicate, create and have fun with. In the workshops as well exploring basic vocal technique, how the voice relates to the body, and how we relate to our voices and those around us, we dove into a series of exercises, games and scores of exploration.


This broadcast is a remix of the recordings of each of our sessions of vocal exploration, mixed and alchemised in the cashmere booth by Rupert and Matteo.

podobne odcinki


Szumy Szepty Szelesty: #07 4×4


Paznokciami Po Tablicy: #7 – tinker tailor soldier failure