This is Radio Kapitał from Poland, calling Easterndaze.

Are you there?

This is our voice. Individual. Collective. Political. The voice of hope. The voice of resistance.

Join our ritual and let’s enchant the future. This is our manifesto for all human and non-human creatures on this planet and in this cosmos. For all the hurt and pain inflicted – and not undone. Our audio message of all-encompassing solidarity.

We have woven together contributions from artists, activists, and scholars into a narrative about how the voice can bring about change:

  Rajyashri Goody’s 22 vows written in the Ambedkarite tradition.

    Paulina Miu and Ola Zielińska from Otucha collective and their feminist singing practice

    Scholar Gascia Ouzunian’s work on sonic memories of the Armenian genocide

    Andrius Arutunian’s work Do Not Fear, Then! based on Armenian incantations and spells

    Iranian collective Only Voice Remains and their sonic protest around the feminist revolution

  Edka Jarząb’s personally political and politically personal manifesto

Interspersed with Polish, Ukrainian, Iranian and Armenian music, this 90-minute piece ebbs and flows, from soothing chants to ear-splitting bass, with screaming, singing, whispering and words that weigh heavy on the soul but also carry hope. We have explored the limits of the voice to make our spell work. Will you listen?

Created by Hanna Grześkiewicz, Edka Jarząb, Julian Rieken, Izabella Wolf
Curated by Julia Antczak, Ola Szkudłapska
Graphics: Izabella Wolf

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